Carità Politica founded by Alfredo Luciani in 1993
definitively approved by the Holy See on 8 December 2001
established by the Italian Government on 27 July 2001
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Conference 12-17th March 2012

Week: Spirituality of the work

On the centenary of the Church dedicated to Saint Joseph, desider and founded by Saint Luigi Guanella

12-17TH MARCH 2021

Basilica di San Giuseppe al Trionfale

B. Telesio, 4 street



morning: 9.30 am – 1pm


S.Em.R. cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi, Emeritus archbishop of Palermo

Dott. Luigi Angeletti, General secretary of UIL

S.E. Juan Pablo Cafiero, Ambassador of republic of Argentina to the Holy See

Prof. Giorgio Faro, Pontifical University of the Santa Croce


afternoon: 4.30PM – 6PM


S.Em.R. Cardinal Manuel Monteiro De Castro, Major penitentiary

S.E. Bogdan Tataru Casaban, Ambassador of Romania to the Holy See

Dott. Alfredo Maiolese, President of European Muslim League

Holy mass at 6.30pm



morning: 9.30am – 1pm


Fther Franco Imoda S.I, President of AVEPRO agency

S.E. Theodore Loko, Ambassador of Benin to the Holy See

Prof. Michele Lenoci, Headmaster of the department of training and education sciences at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Dott.ssa Rossella Semplici, Psychologist

Dott.Elio Meloni, Università Cattolica of Milan


afternoon: 4.30 pm – 6 pm


S.E. M ons. Zygmunt Zimowsky, President pontifical council for health workers

S.E. Al-Sadr Habbeb Mohammed Hadi Ali, Ambassador of Iraq to the Holy See

Dott.ssa Marina Panfilo, Director of institutional relations Pfizer Italy

Prof. Walter Ricciardi, Director of institute of hygiene – department of medicine and surgery (A.Gemelli)

Prof. Franco Grassetti, Director of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Integrated columbus urology complex

Prof. Francesco Landi, Policlinico universitario Agostino Gemelli

Dott.ssa Cristina Cioppettini, Urp Università Cattolica Policlinico A.Gemelli

Nun Carla Fiammeni, Head nurse CeMi Policlinico universitario Agostino Gemelli

Holy mass at 6.30 pm



morning: 9.30 am – 1 pm


S.E. Mons. Giorgio Corbellini, President of the labour office of the Holy apostolic See

Dott.ssa Susanna Camusso, General secretary CGIL

Father Alfonso Crippa, Superior general opera Don Guanella

Lawyer Giuseppe Mussari, President ABI- italian banking association

Dott. Fabrizio Palenzona, Vice-president Unicredit

S.E. Mons Eros Monti, Episcopal vicar for the social life – archdiocese of Milan


afternoon: 4.30 pm – 6 pm


S.Em.R. Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, President pontifical council for legislative texts

Dott. Raffaele Bonanni, National secretary CISL

Dott.Pietro Maria Brunetti, Director of institutional and external relations Ferrero

Prof. Mario Cicala, Magistrate of the court of cassation – chairman tax commission

Dott. Enzo Iacopino, President of the national council of journalists

Dott. Sandro Scarfini, Commercial director AgenPal, parliamentary agency

Lawyer Angelo Schiano

Holy mass at 6.30pm



morning 9.30 am – 1 pm


S.E. Mons. Barthélémy Adoukonou, Pontifical council for culture

S.E.Eduardo Delgado, Ambassador of Cuba to the Holy See

Lawyer Carlo Fratta Pasini, President of popular bank of Verona

Dott. Stefano Cerreto, National president CONFEDERAZIENDE

Dott.ssa Manuela Di Martino, Board President della Libera Università degli Studi di Scienze Umane e Tecnologiche of Lugano

Father Alberto Pacini, Promoter AEP - perpetual eucharistic education


afternoon 4.30 pm – 6 pm


Mons. Vittorio Formenti, Head of central office of statistics of church

Prof. Marco Elefanti, Managing director of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

S.E. César Mauricio à Velasquez Ossa, Abssador of Columbia to the Holy See

P.Ciro Benedettini, Vice-president of the press room at the Holy See

Dott. Andrea Torracca, Unique director of Gordon Global Group srl

Dott. Giorgio Balduzzi, President WIC group – WORLDWIDE ITALIAN COMPANIES GROUP

Dott.Marco Decio, Director of residential centre OIL – COFELY Italy Spa GDF SUEZ

Jean-Francois Paulsen – Bernard Gillery -Ange Cucchi

HELVETIA RECHERCHES -Suisse, Barcelone, Luxembourg

Holy mass at 6.30 pm



morning 9.30 am – 1 pm


S.E.Mons. Claudio Maria Celli, Pontifical president council of social communication

S.E.Josef Dravecky, Ambassador of Slovakia to the Holy See

Dott. Antongiulio Lombardi, Director of regulatory and institutional affairs – 3 ITALIA

Dott. Alberto Contri, President of advertisement and progress foundation

Dott. Raffaele Barberio, Director in charge of Key 4 Biz


afternoon 4.30 pm – 6 pm


S.E. Mons. Marcello Bartolucci, Secretary of the congregation of the causes of saints

S.E. Carlos De La Riva Guerra, Ambassador of Bolivia to the Holy See

Prof. Giovanni Gambassi, University general hospital Agostino Gemelli

Father Sergio Mercanzin, Director of the centre Russia Ecumenica

Prof. Alessandro Meluzzi, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Holy mass at 6.30 pm



morning 9.30 am – 1 pm


Father Nino Minetti, Provincial supervisor – Father Guanella opera

Father Mario Carrera, Director of La Santa Crociata in honour of Saint Joseph

Nun Michela Carrozzino, Supervisor of the centre of research – congregation of Figlie di Santa Maria della Provvidenza

Dott. Leonardo di Gennaro, University general hospital Agostino Gemelli


afternoon 4.30 pm – 6 pm


S.Em.R Cardinal Saraiva Martin Josè, Emeritus prefect of the Cause dei Santi congregation

Dott. Salvatore Esposito, Vice-president National A.N.T.A. National Association of environmental protection

Natalia Tsarkova, Official portrait painter of the Popes

Father Wladimiro Bogoni, Priest of San Giuseppe al Trionfale, Rome

Meeting are coordinated by:

Prof. Alfredo Luciani, President of the Carità Politica Association

Holy mass 6.30 pm




In the crisis of modernity, a new demand for spirituality is emerging. For too long spirituality has been scrupulously committed to the miniature of inner perfection, forgetting history and its tragedies, its utopias and regenerative groans(cf.Rm 8,22).

Today, the historical conjuncture and cultural transformation require it to enter a season of new investigations, both exploratory and creative at the same time. In this situation we have tried to express the proposal of a new spirituality that helps to discern and clarify new commitments to justice, solidarity, harmony with creation and peace. On this path we intend to highlight some possibilities and tasks of spirituality in modern age.

First of all, to rediscover work as the primary "place of Christian spirituality" and to highlight Christ, the man of work: the source of a renewed spirituality to be lived within the everyday life.

Work is not just an essential means of living. Through work, man expresses his personality, contributes to the God's creative plan and redeemed Christ. Work is therefore an act that bears witness and pays tribute to God and a service to mankind.

In the light of this concept, problems related to work that are particularly felt today, such as the “right to work” and the “rights of work”, must be resolved.

Perhaps what is most lacking today in the speech about work is an emphasis on its spiritual dimensions.

With this new international event, the Carità Politica association intends to make it the subject of a study reflection.

We have invited people to witness and reflect together (and we hope that this reflection will only be the beginning of a long journey). Heads of departments of the Roman Curia and ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, as well as personalities from various working sectors. In the words of Blessed John Paul II we say: "We need, therefore, that this Christian spirituality of work becomes the common heritage of all.

It is necessary that, especially in modern times, the spirituality of work demonstrates that maturity which the tensions and anxieties of minds and hearts demand". (Laborem exercens, 25).



Conference 19th June 2012

Justice, solidarity and development in the three great monotheistic religions"

Conference Hall Pontifical Council for the layperson


Prof. Alfredo Luciani, President of the International Carità Politica Association

S.E. Mohammad Taher Rabbani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Holy See

Mons. Vittorio Formenti, Head of the Central Office for Church Statistics

Father Joseph Joblin, Gregorian University

Father Paolo Vasyliv, Lecturer of Lateran University

Prof. Mohammad Mahdi Ali Mardi, Qum University of Religions

Prof. Seyed Mohammad Reza Moradi Mohaddes, Qum University of Religions

Hon. Ciamak Morsadegh, Representative of the Jews in the Iranian Parliament

Hon. Karen Khanlari, Christian Representative in the Iranian Parliament

Prof. Markus Gerhold, University of Münster

Dr. Leonardo Di Gennaro, Agostino Gemelli University Hospital


Conference 23rd 2012

"The Current Arab Scenario and the Role of Iraq Today"

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

ASERI - High School of Economics and International Relations

Via San Vittore, 18 - Milan


S.E. Al Sadr Habeeb Mohammed Hadi Ali, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Holy See

Prof. Vittorio E. Parsi, Full Professor of International Relations at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Prof. Alfredo Luciani, President and Founder of the International Carità Politica Association


Conference 23rd November 2012

International Cooperation in Agriculture: development needs and operational responses

G. Piana" Conference Hall

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Department of Agriculture

Via Emilia Parmense, 84 Piacenza


Prof. Lorenzo Morelli, Head of the Department of Agriculture

Prof. Pier Sandro Cocconcelli, Director of UCSC Lab EXPO 2015 and Delegate for the coordination of internalisation projects

Dr. Edilio Mazzoleni, Director UCSC International - Cooperation, Mobility and Internationalisation Directorate

H.E. Juan Pablo Cafiero, Ambassador of Argentina to the Holy See

H.E. Carlos De La Riva Guerra, Ambassador of Bolivia to the Holy See

Mr. Gustavo Oscar Infante, Minister Permanent Representative of the Republic of Argentina to the FAO

Mr. Ambassador Crisantos Obama Ondo, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to the FAO

Prof. Marco Trevisan, Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry

Prof. Roberto Cauda, University Centre for International Solidarity

Prof. Giuseppe Bertoni, Council for Developing Countries

Prof. Stefano Poni, Institute of Fruit - Viticulture

Prof. Adriano Marocco, Institute of Agronomy

Prof. Renato Pieri, Institute of Agro-Food Economics

Prof. Paola Battilani, Institute of Plant Pathology

Prof. Paolo Ajmone, Institute of Animal Husbandry

Prof. Marco Dante De Faveri, Institute of Oenology and Agro-Food Engineering

Mons. Gianni Ambrosio, Bishop of the Diocese of Piacenza - Bobbio

Prof. Alfredo Luciani, President and Founder of the International Carità Politica Association


Conference 13th December 2012

Family Businesses and Values”

Pontifical Council for the Family

Piazza San Calisto 16


Prof. Alfredo Luciani, President and Founder of Carità Politica Association

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family

H.E. Nigel Marcus Baker, Ambassador of Great Britain to the Holy See

Prof. Mario Molteni, Professor of Business Economics at università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore