Carità Politica founded by Alfredo Luciani in 1993
definitively approved by the Holy See on 8 December 2001
established by the Italian Government on 27 July 2001
Headquarters: Via delle Milizie, 140 - 00192 - Rome Italy
Phone./Fax: + 39 06 3723511
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Art. 21 - The President, with his Council, has the responsibility for the life and action of the Association. One of the members of the Council shall also be the administrator of the Association's goods. It pertains to the Council also to elect him.

Art. 22 - The Council convoked and presided by the President:

  • a) proposes to the Pontifical Council for the Laity the appointment of the central spiritual assistant and the local assistants;
  • b) receives candidates into the Association and decides the starting of the procedure for dismissal of any inadequate member;
  • c) animates the Association and proposes programmatic initiatives in order to achieve its goals;
  • d) takes measures with regard to defaulters, according to the canonical norms;
  • e) calls education meetings, study conventions, congresses and publications that fall within the goals of the Association;
  • f) promotes schools of education in the Social Doctrine of the Church for lay faithful;
  • g) fosters the study and progress of social, economic and juridical sciences and sets up courses and schools of training;
  • h) enters into conventions with national, international and foreign bodies, companies and organisations in order to reach the statutory goals;
  • i) approves the estimate and final balance of the Association.

Art. 23 - The President:

  • a) convokes and presides the assembly;
  • b) conducts relations with the Holy See and the local ecclesiastic authority;
  • c) promotes personal relationships with the members and of the members among themselves;
  • d) communicates the Presidential acts to the Association and the members.