Carità Politica founded by Alfredo Luciani in 1993
definitively approved by the Holy See on 8 December 2001
established by the Italian Government on 27 July 2001
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From 9th to 16th January 1994, as first public event, the Associazione Missionari della Carità Politica (Association of Missionaries of Political Charity) is holding an Travelling Mission Week through three "symbolic" cities Milan-Naples-Rome: to show charity value and politics boundaries and ideals; to arouse and encourage political vocations; to make the Association of Missionaries of Political Charity better known. In Milan, from 9th to 11th January, themes such as Faith, Political Faith, Faith and Human Existence, Faith and History were discussed. In Naples and Caserta on the 12th and 13th January the overall theme was related to Hope and particular aspects were Hope and Future of Political Society, Hope: Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Man, Hope and Human Rights, Hope and Work. The Week ended in Rome from 14th to 16th January. Charity general theme was considered in terms of: Charity and Justice, Charity and Social Conflict, Charity and International Society. There are many analogies between the Church and the family, even though their respective fields of action are different: the first is committed to a universal approach, the second to more delimited setting. The Fifth International Week of the Church Social Teaching of the Church focused on this basic affirmation.



The 5th International Week of Church Social Doctrine took place in the Convent of Sant'Antonio al Monte (Rieti) from 4th to 9th October 1994. The subject chosen was Family in a Pluralistic Society, in clear connection with the Year of the Family announced by John Paul II and the UN initiative. The final document reads: "The family is part of the whole social fabric and has close relations with the various other societies. The family itself is society. The family has a strong relationship with the economy, even today when it is no longer an essential focal point of production. The family, as first source of society, includes a pledge of success, of possibilities of any other social relationship". Regarding education, it is stated that "it is today partly a remarkable task of the school, but the family remains the main educator. Its educational tasks have at times been mislaid to other institutions. There is also a religious dimension to the family, which as a "domestic church" participates in the mission of the Church not only in a generic but also in a specific way, in close relation to the place it occupies in the ecclesial structure. In order to foster the achievement of the various aims of the family, a renewed policy is needed, based on "political charity" and respecting subsidiarity, that is, the autonomy of the family itself and the competences of other social, economic and cultural bodies".


The Fifth Week at the Pontifical Antonianum University was introduced on the 24th November 1994 by meetings with politicians to promote a deep social and political change and to provide a good preparation for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000. As a place for analysis and reading of the situation in the light of faith, they provide an opportunity to reflect not only on a political, but also and above all on a cultural and ethical level. It deals with a space of intellectual and moral freedom, a place for research and discussion that aims to help reflection on significant and current issues. The main objective of the meetings is to develop a political action that does not stop at the level of structures, people and methods but focuses above all on the growth of the whole person, in his individual and social components. Therefore we intend to propose an educational itinerary that will allow us to get out of the actual situation, characterized by a process of privatization of consciousness. On this occasion the goals of the "Specialisation Master in the Social Teaching of the Church" were illustrated. It is one of the sectors in which the activity of Associazione Carità Politica (Political Charity Association) is realized. Mons. Giuseppe Molinari, Bishop of Rieti and Father Antonio Merino, Dean of the International Antonianum of Social Teaching of the Church attended the meeting, which took place in the Convent of Sant'Antonio al Monte (Rieti) from 4th to 9th October 1994.


The meeting with politicians on 21st December 1994 at the Antonianum University in Rome focused on the theme of Justice and Charity. Mons. Giuseppe Molinari, the Dominican Prof. Reginaldo Pizzorni, the magistrates from Milan Gherardo Colombo and Piercamillo Davigo, took part. It was highlighted that there is no real justice without charity, nor real charity without justice.