Carità Politica founded by Alfredo Luciani in 1993
definitively approved by the Holy See on 8 December 2001
established by the Italian Government on 27 July 2001
Headquarters: Via delle Milizie, 140 - 00192 - Rome Italy
Phone./Fax: + 39 06 3723511
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Art. 1 - The International Association  Missionaries of Political Charity is constituted. The Association

has its registered office in Rome and is juridically represented by the President.

Art. 2 - The International Association  Missionaries of Political Charity, by means of its members, engaged in the social and political walks of life, sets itself the following goals:

  1. a) to spread the range of actions of justice and love into each country and the relations between nations;
  2. b) to foster the consciousness of brotherhood and universality of human family;
  3. c) to set, among the different religions, the dialogue of actions, in which peace education and environmental respect, solidarity towards the suffering world, promotion of social justice and integral development of the peoples have to be highlighted;
  4. d) to develop studies for the deepening and application of Christian Social Thinking;
  5. e) to promote a dynamic and responsible presence of one’s ecclesiastical community in social and political life;
  6. f) to contribute, in the light of the Social Teaching of the Church, to make local, national and international politics into a transparent laboratory for ideas, proposals, projects and plans and for their practical execution as long as such are in conformity with the dignity and fundamental rights of the human being and of the people and with their deep and legitimate aspirations;
  7. g) to involve the greatest part of the citizen and get them interested in political activity and in the options open to them in accord with the criteria of participated democracy, so that every community, small and large, may be the architect of its own development and manage itself according to the methodology of freedom and co-responsibility;
  8. h) to spread Christian Social Teaching, by means of the press, radio, television, and also reunions, study meetings, congresses, publications, and schools of formation, so that such teaching may be the principal point of references and an inspiring source for all the social and political operators.