Carità Politica founded by Alfredo Luciani in 1993
definitively approved by the Holy See on 8 December 2001
established by the Italian Government on 27 July 2001
Headquarters: Via delle Milizie, 140 - 00192 - Rome Italy
Phone./Fax: + 39 06 3723511
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Art. 25 - The Missionaries of Political Charity, while they are part of the Association, must make a clear-cut distinction between their social political work and the life of the Association, in carrying out the political activity and in the assumption of responsibility that goes with it, in the exercise of power within the civil community, within the associations and within the institutions, over those under their direct responsibility.

Art.26 - The Missionaries of Political Charity engaged actively in the social and political work shall receive from the Association the principles of orientation, which will recall the normative criteria of the Gospel, interpreted by the magisterium of the Church. These are the principles which they ought to translate into concrete situations in coherence with the faith and in communion with the brethren.