Year 1995 Stampa


On 7 of January 1995 a meeting among politicians and local administrators took place in Council town hall of San Benedetto del Tronto in order to discuss political charity. Tlese have been the speakers: Mgr. Giuseppe Chiaretti, bishop of this town, Father Joseph Joblin, Prof. at the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome).

Faith and Reason
On 27 of January 1995 in Pontifical Ateneo "Antonianum" (Rome) several politicians have attended the usual meeting in order to promote a political and social renewal on the basis of social doctrine of the Church. Mgr. Giuseppe Molinari, bishop of Rieti, and Father Antonio Merino, chancellor of Antonianum.

The topic has been "Faith and Reason", during this Meeting the first issue of "Già e non ancora" has been presented. The journal intends to offer the topics of the meetings .


On 1st of March 1995 the first international Master of specialization in Social Doctrine of the Church begins.
The master intends, to allow people to deepen social and Christian thought in order tobecome politicians. The participants, a very limited number of persons, without any religious discrimination, have been chosen and sent by various governments, that have developed relationships with the Association "Carità Politica".
The begining has been the Wednesday of Ashes in order to live this impressive day of liturgical year as a day of "Carità Politica".
During the Master three public meetings have been promoted.
The first on 15 of March, among all participants of Master and Italian politicians, belonging to all parties.
The second on 17 of March, has discussed the subject of justice with the participation of the magistrates Gherardo Colombo and Piercamillo Davigo.
Finally the third, on 22 of March with topic "Federalism and local autonomies".


On 7 June, 1995 in Rome, at the Rai, a workshop has been promoted on "Religion, social commitment and morality of the mass media". Several journalists and religious figures, attended this meeting. The speakers have been the following:
Mons. Giuseppe Molinari, Letizia Moratti, Presidente RAI, Roberto Giannatelli docente di scienze della comunicazione sociale Università Pontificia Salesiana, Giorgio Bouchard, Presidente Federazione delle Chiese Evangeliche in Italia, Carlos Soria, docente Università San Tommaso di Roma, Etirique Colom, docente Università Santa Croce.

The relationship between moral values and mass-media is today discussed in several places.
From 5 to 7 October in Rome in the See of Confartigianato the Sixst International Week of Social Doctrine of the Church took place.


The choice of the topic "Artisan firm in the present economy" has been suggested by the need of the importance of the role of these firms in the present society.

The Church, especially with John XXIII and John Paul II has always pointed out the value and importance of artisan firm as an opportunity of work but also of an activity that is more human.

During this week a special attention has been devoted to social doctrine of the Church
On artisan firm and to the role of this firm in the next years.
Finally this week has had two aspects: doctrinal one, based on the social doctrine of the Church, and another aspect where artisans delivered speeches about their firms.

For the Association "Carità Politica" a new methodology has been introduced.

On 26 of October 1995 in the Main Hall of the Pontificia Università Gregoriana has been organized a national meeting on justice.

During the meeting the following problems have been discussed: the lack of work and the experiences based on new technologies, questions of unemployed youth and women, social doctrine of the Church and encyclical letters of Popes.

Will artisan firms in the year 2000 still have a role , especially the little ones?
All speakers have pointed out that artisan firms will have an impressive role in technological development, because now we have a number of firms that become more and more multinational.

This commitment has various forms in various places of work.
In order to go deeper into these values has been organized the meeting on " Christian ethics and service of State".


From 20th to 24th of November, 1995 in Palermo the Third national Synod of Church begins its activity on "The Gospel of Charity for a new society in Italy".
Association " Carità Politica" has let know five documents.
From over a year, in Pontificia Univervità Gregoriana Association organizes a Meeting of the scientific committee of the various departments.

People who attended these meetings have produced "five letters", that show the proposals and the initiatives of scholars and politicians, who devoted special attention to moral values.

- Letter "Social Commitment and Politics signed by these deputies Gianni Mattioli, Francesco D'Onofrio, Guglielmo Rositani, Franco Bassanini, Gianni Rivera.

- Letter "Economy and Work", signed by Dr. Ivano Spalanzani, Prof. Matteo Caroli.

- Letter "To build legacy", signed by Dr. Mario Cicala, Avv. Giovanni Maria Flick.

- Letter of the RAI President, Dr. Letizia Brichetto Moratti.

- Letter of Enzo Agostini, chairman of the Association "Carità Politica" in Piceno.