Year 1994 Stampa


From 9 to 16 January l994, as first public event, the Association "Missionari della Carità Politica" promotes a week in three "simbol" towns: Milan, Naples and Rome:

- in order to discuss the value of charity and limits and values of politics
- in order to develop and promote political vocations
- in order to let know itself the association.

In Milan from 9 to 11 of January the topic has been "The Faith":
- faith and politics
- faith and man's life
- faith and history

In Naples and Caserta on 11 and 13 of January.
General topic: the hope
- Hope and the future of political society
- Hope: God's kingdom and man's one
- Hope and man's rights
- Hope and work

This week ends in Rome from 14 to 16 January. General topic: "Charity".
- Charity and justice
- Charity and social conflicts
- Charity and international society

Between the Church and the family there are several analogies, even if they have different places of action: the first has an international field, the second a limited one.

Final paper says: "Family has it's social roots and it has deep relationship with various kinds of society.
The family itself is a society. It has deep relationships with economy, even when it has such a basic role in the production. Being one of the first sources of the society the family includes a promise, based on success and on other social relationships".
About education it says: "The school has an impressive role in the education context, but the family remains to be in first place. Its educational tasks have been unjustly developed by other institutions".
There is a religious aspect of the family as a "domestic church" shares the mission of the Church, not in a superficial way, but in a special one because it has an impressive role inside the Church.

In order to achieve various aims of family a renewed politics is required on behalf of "political charity"
And of subsidiarety, i.e. of autonomy of the same family and of tasks of other social, economic and cultural institutions.


In Pontificio Ateneo Antonianum on 24 of Novembre 1994 the meetings with politicians begin in order to promote a deep social and political renewal and to have a fruitful training to the great Jubilee in 2000.
A place for discussions about the present politics in order to develop the cultural and the ethical suggestions
proceeding from faith.

We need, therefore, a political action that it does not stop in structures, people and methodologies, but it can arrive to a real development of mankind.

So we want to suggest an educational way in order to overcome the limits of the present situation.
In these days aims of the Diploma of Specialization or Master in Social Doctrine of the Church have been illustrated. It is one of the fields where the Association "Carità Politica" developed its action..
Mgr. Giuseppe Molinari, Bishop of Rieti, and Father Antonio Marino,,Chancellor of Ateneo "Antonianum" introduced the Master.



On 21 of December 1994 in Ateneo "Antonianum" (Rome) took place a meeting among politicians. Mgr Giuseppe Molinari, Prof. Reginaldo Pizzorni, a domenican priest, Gherardo Colombo and Piercamillo Davigo, magistrates in Milan, attended the meeting.
All speakers have outlined that there is no real justice without charity, no real charity without justice.