Year 1992 Stampa


The Third International Week of Social Thought of Church took place from 27 October to 1 November 1992 in Convento Sant'Antonio al Monte (Rieti).

The general topic was "Sociality and spirituality in social Doctrine of the Church". After the examination of the theological and philosophical aspects of the society, as the mankind regarded it, speakers have discussed on ethics, spirituality and Christian charity starting from the Second Vatican Council and from the Sollicitudo rei sociali by John Paul II.

A special attention has been devoted to Christian movements that have developed an action towards poors on behalf of charity and poor's liberation.
Believer have a special committment in order to develop a more equal and human society.
These are the topics discussed:

  • 1. Philosophy and theology with regard to explanation that Catholic thought develops about human sociality: Aristotelic interpretation, biblical one, trinitarian one.
  • 2. A present philosophy about sociality and alterego (Emmanuel Levinas) and biblical roots.
  • 3. Ethics and spirituality in Second Vatican Council.
  • 4. Solidarity and Christian charity (see Sollicitudo rei socialis).).
  • 5. Sociality and spiritual community.
  • 6. Spirituality of Congregations or religious associations, that devoted themselves to poors "Piccole suore dei poveri", F. Ozanam, società di St. Vincenzo de'Paoli, and Maria Teresa di Calcutta".
  • 7. Social spirituality in "Latin-American liberation theology".
  • 8. The social aspect of spirituality in the last documents of the Church about lay men, especially the last Synod of lay men.
  • 9. Social spirituality and political committment: can they have a common basis?
  • 10. God's people and it's political role as it has been regarded by orthodox.