Year 1990 Stampa


At the vigil of the Centenary of the Enciclycal "Rerum novarum", the First International Week of the Social Doctrine of the Church was held at Rieti between the 16 and 18 of July on the theme: the "Rerum novarum" and the social problems of totality.
The main objective of the meeting was above an opportunity to reflect on the "Rerum novarum" within the historical cultural context and to elicit suggestions to help us in the understanding of our times.

  • 1 .The role of the Church with regard to the social questions past and present.
  • 2. An analisys of the social question with regard to the status of the workers and the social division of the various classes.
  • 3. An analisys of economic society: capital/labor, classes.
    Is this analisys still valid?
  • 4. The relationship between the State and the economy. Popes Leo XII, Pius XI, and Paul VI views of neo-liberalism.
    The question of the relationship between and "socialism" (yesterday and today).
    The position of the Church in the present state of transition.
  • 5. Associationism, trade unions, "corporations"; the future of the outlook on cooperation; today solidarity.
  • 6. A present question, that was not in 1891: boom of mass media.
    Many scholars, ambassadors, impressive figures of cultural and economic world have attended this meeting, coming from Europe and Latin America.