Educational activity of the Gallery of Contemporary Art Stampa

In collaboration with the Holy See's accredited ambassadors, the Carità Politica Association has designed and mounted an exhibition entitled 'Third Millennium - Figures of the Future'.
More than 50 works from as many countries have been brought to Rome to create a sort of pictorial synthesis at the dawn of the second millennium.  It was in a sense an artistic pilgrimage to reiterate the universal message of beauty and goodness.
Every artist, in his own way and according to his own preferences and taste, represents his people's past and their creativity, sharing with us their sufferings and joys.
It was from this exhibition that the first department within the Gallery of Contemporary Art was born. This began as an experiment to assess the viability of an educational programme that could benefit both the schools and the people of Rome .
However the main reason for the Gallery's Education Service was to discover what stimulated creativity in young people and adults and how it would be possible to organise an educational initiative to satisfy these needs.

The specific aims of the Education Service are as follows:

  • to meet young people and adults interested in art for personal pleasure;
  • to help people to understand the importance of the creative experience in everyday life;
  • to foster better methods of art teaching.

In short, the aim of the Gallery's Education Service is to enrich the everyday lives of individuals by developing their personality and their ability to appreciate the legacy of art.